I like to consider myself a true Oregonian, in that I love the rain and stormy weather as much as I love the warm sunshine and summer breezes. I grew up on my family's ranch in Southern Oregon and started pursuing photography in college while covering sporting events for the newspaper with my mom's Pentax (which I never really gave back). 

     Upon moving home after college, I was encouraged to start photographing weddings and join the family business of the Moments companies. I never thought I would enjoy photographing people outside of sporting events, but here I am - an absolute lover of love - and capturing such emotion is an incredible thing and something I truly enjoy. I strive to combine the traditional must-have images with the candid images that showcase everything that my eye sees behind the lens. I am obsessed with all the little details and find that my eye naturally gravitates towards them, and those images often become my favorite from each session and wedding. 

     I enjoy spending my free time with the most amazing family and friends a girl could ever ask for, along with my sweet baby boy Gage and my puppies.

I love traveling and wandering, seeking and finding. I have been blessed with opportunities to travel and take part in workshops with some truly wonderful, and talented creatives that have inspired me to continue learning and growing through photography.

     I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and cannot wait to create more beauty from behind the lens.


Tamara Sears Photography

By The Looking Glass Photography

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